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While I have been on a personal book buying ban, I have been able to delve into the books on my TBR (To Be Read) list. I can't wait to post the reviews of such wonderful authors!

For those who have been following my story, you know I have been bombarded with a great deal of health issues; from being born bipolar, and developing disorders such as Degenerate Disc Disorder, Fibromyalgia, sever Anxiety, Diabetes, and body/weight issues, to name a few. I have a wheelchair for the bad days, and lately that's almost every day as the summer heat and I have never gotten along. Not to dismiss that after a year of finding the right puppy for me, Ike lived to the age of 10 weeks, and 2 days before his own birth defects (water on the brain) took him from me.

You would think with so much sadness, pain, and anguish I would just curl up in a ball, and sleep until the gods were done ravishing my body of all things good and healthy. I, for some unknown reason, don't give them the chance. A normal child when they are told the oven is hot might touch it to understand what 'hot' means in that scenario of life. They would then work out the logic that the oven wasn't a toy, and would hurt them. Mom (or dad) was right. It's 'hot'. My stupidity, and strength goes, well, it hurt me last time, but will it hurt me again this time? I'm a glutton for punishment in all ways good and bad.

Living in Alaska was a great choice for me. Yes, I get homesick, lonely, and often times depressed. I also get the feel of fresh snow floating down on my face. The sound of it crunching under my boots, the site of virginal landscapes dressed in the wedding gown of white. The sight of waking up to a moose outside my bedroom window with her calf in tow. The chance meeting of the man I'm in love with, and who genuinely shows me love back. The munchkin who feels she owns the place and walks around smiling at the knowledge that she is able to get away with murder. The sounds of the new baby boy crying in his swing when he wakes and wants attention. The snuggles of my boyfriends dog gives me, when he feels he is the best bath a human needs. Falling asleep while holding hands. Knowing that my Ike was the perfect dog for me. He needed me as much as I need him. Listening to the noisy ravens chittering on the roof as they gossip over there family members still walking the earth. The exotic imagination of the muse that helped me complete my first book, and start the next.

So much is going on in my life, and I wouldn't change a thing. I would gladly suffer the fait of mortality in the splendor of life.

While my first book is out to a few Beta readers, I am still hoping for a few more. I might even call them CAPA readers. I am happy to announce the start of my next book. The muses didn't take long to rev up my imagination, as I was introduced to a young girl who's life is about to be altered from the inside out, and outside in. Her emerald green eyes, flowing red hair, and translucent skin are more than she bargained for when she boards a flight that passes over the Bermuda Triangle. Was it the woman in the wheelchair, or the hansom lawyer that boards with her that sends the feeling of electricity through her. Was it the electricity that causes the plane to go down? What did the chance encounter have to do with where she is now?

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