My Own Worst Enemy

So many times in my life I wonder what I'm doing. Am I doin g the right thing? Will this blow up in my face? The constant fear of the situation. Thinking and re thinking every action, every conversation in my head.

I have been down and putting off editing my book. I am two chapters away from the first edit. Then to send it to beta readers. Why have I been putting this off? The answer is simple. Fear of failing. Fear of no one liking my story.

I know this may sound stupid to some folk, but to me it is a very, very real fear. I know other authors have the same fear, but they push through it and get it done none the less. This is where I am at the moment. Feeling like I need to push through and get the last pages edited, and send it out for beta readers. who knows, perhaps they will love it!

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