Kalli Storm

Taking the World by Storm, One step at a time.


Story of Kalli Storm

I knew I wanted to be a writer from a young age, but life had it's own plans for me. Every time I sat down to write a novel, my world would spin out of control and whatever I was writing on was left by the wayside never to be finished. It wasn't until the death of my beloved puppy Ike, in the time of the quarantine, that I had to find a reason to get out of bed again. I needed something to fill the whole it left in my heart.

I had joined TikTok and while I was no celebrity sensation, I found people I could relate to, and understand. They called themselves #BookTokers, and #AuthorTok. The women and men not only gave me the courage to start writing again, but the encouragement that I could make it if I just stuck with it and finished that first book.

At every turn my own fears crept in. What if it's not good enough? What if there is too much dialog and not enough description? What if my story just didn't match up to the greatness of everyone else? I am seriously my own worst enemy. 

So here it is, Here is my website. As I continue to write every night, I am overjoyed to say that no matter what, I will make it and the world will get a peek into my world and my mind.


Visions of Murder and Wolves

January 1, 2023

She had hidden her abilities from the world her whole life. Knowing things she had no business knowing was not the way to win friends and influence people. After a car wreck forced her into a wheelchair she thought her life was over. That was until she started working for a small P.I. business that brings her nightmares to the surface for all to see when she becomes psychically linked with a serial killer.

He wasn't just a werewolf, he was one of the best attorneys at the law firm. He had vowed that the curse of his bloodline would end with him. No wife, no children. That is until he meets a woman he must protect both in and out of the court room.